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Kobido massage

Kobido massage:  the natural lifting of the face. 


Massage that was born in the fifteenth century in Japan (south of Mount Fuji).


Kobido massage it sculpts the face taking in all the different nuances of the texture of one’s face, the curves, the elasticity. Kobido massages the muscles parallel to the wrinkles. This is done by kneading every square centimeter, it sparks muscle tone and the oxygenation of the epidermis.


Authentic kobido massage is actually practiced by very few therapists (I am one of them :)).


Before the massage, facial skin is cleansed and toned.


Benefits of the massage:

  • the nervous system is stimulated,
  • blood circulation and lymph flow are restored,
  • face muscles relax as tension decreases,
  • facial muscles are strengthened and toned,
  • skin’s moisture balance is restored
  • face contour is created,
  • skin is gently exfoliated,
  • facial wrinkles are reduced; no new wrinkles appear;
  • toxins are removed,
  • dead skin cells are exfoliated
  • relives headaches
  • reduce dark circles under the eyes
  • reduces bruxism
  • fights stress.


By practicing regularly, one session every 2 to 3 weeks for at least ten sessions, then occasionally (once a month), the promises of kobido massage are numerous for the skin of the face: the skin tissues are firmed, toned muscles and smooth expression lines.



KOBIDO massage

60 min – €68


KOBIDO massage + ampoule

75 min – €76,50


KOBIDO  massage + ampoule + mask

90 min – €85